Looking for a quick and simple breakfast fix that isn’t too sweet or savoury? 

This one-bowl Matcha Muffin recipe might just be your cup of tea.

Tips for Perfecting Your Matcha Muffins Recipe

Use ingredients at room temperature

Using cold ingredients could cause the batter to become lumpy and sticky. To get the light and fluffy muffins you want, cool ingredients to room temperature. 

Avoid over-mixing

Over-mixing your batter can cause big holes to form inside your Matcha Muffins. Instead, fold in the ingredients till they have just about combined together. 


Dirty Matcha assembly shot

Scoop Muffin Mixture into trays

To prevent mess, try using an ice cream scoop to transfer batter into the muffin cups. 

Alternatively, you can use 2 teaspoons to shape the batter into a ball. 


Dirty Matcha assembly shot

Crumble Topping

Crumbles are a delicious option to spice up your Matcha Muffins and consist of only 

3 ingredients - butter, flour and sugar.

It’s rich and buttery taste balances out the umami flavour of Matcha.


Matcha Muffins recipe video

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