Want a refreshing twist on your average Matcha Latte? 

This Mango Matcha Latte Recipe man-go (might go) well for you! 

Preparing Your Mango Puree

Cut your mango into cubes for ease of blending. 

If you would like your puree to be sweeter, add around 1-2 tsps of sugar. 

Dirty Matcha assembly shot

The gradient

The order of assembly in your Mango Matcha Latte is intentional, where the mango puree, Matcha and milk are added in decreasing density, allowing them to float on top of each other. 

To create the stunning three tier gradient, start with your mango puree at the very bottom. Followed by pouring your milk and Matcha directly on the ice cubes.

This prevents the liquids from combining immediately, giving you ample time for that instagram shot. 

Tools you will need

A bamboo whisk, sieve and chawan to froth up a smooth layer of Matcha without the mess 

A blender to prepare your Mango Puree.

A glass cup to assemble your drink.

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Want to refill your Matcha?

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