Rumour has it, Matcha is the up and rising super food.

Since breaking into the market, one question remains: do all the anti-cancer and anti-aging promises hold water? 

Our research has prompted us to conclude these Matcha health benefits, and we promise: no exaggerations.

Matcha is made by grinding green tea leaves into a fine powder, implying that the entire leaf is eventually consumed.

This significantly multiplies the amount of antioxidants a cup of Matcha can supply to our bodies.

Calming Effect

In the face of stress, our nervous system releases serotonin that increases heart rate and causes feelings of anxiety. 

L-theanine, an antioxidant of abundance in Matcha, abates this discomfort by decreasing secretion of serotonin and lowering blood pressure

Although not an immediate relief, consuming Matcha to start the day could help the pressure from work become more manageable.

Performance Enhancing 

L-theanine triggers rapid firing of brain signals that lead to faster visual and auditory responses when one is under pressure.

Stay sharp and quick on your feet with a daily dose of Matcha.

Sustained Energy Boost

Although Matcha contains caffeine, the amount is lower than coffee, and the aforementioned relaxant properties of L-theanine serves as a moderator. 

The energy from Matcha is thus released gradually, allowing the feeling of alertness to be more long lasting.

Morning Matcha could be a substitute for your coffee shot to perk you up- throughout the day.


Another antioxidant present in Matcha is Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

EGCG interacts with cytokines- a chemical produced at the site of wounds on the body that causes inflammation. 

With EGCG present, the inflammatory effects of cytokines can be kept at bay.

Matcha will definitely help you on your road to recovery.

Make the most of Matcha health benefits

Reap these Matcha health benefits in your preferred way with our home cafe recipes.

Or start with this Matcha powder.

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