Just bought a Matcha whisk? Here's what you need to know :)  

Tip 1: Soak the new, unused bamboo whisk in a bowl of hot water.

When you first get your Matcha whisk, you'll notice that the bamboo tips of the Matcha whisk (both inner and outer) are tightly curled up. 

What you need to do is to get the tips to unfurl or 'bloom'. This will help the whisk to adhere to the shape of the bowl better and prevent the Matcha from clumping up.

This will help to unfurl and widen the tips of the Matcha whisk. 

See the above picture to see how much larger the Matcha whisk becomes after being soaked in water.

Now you can use it to whisk your lovely Matcha or Hojicha brew! 

Tip 2: When whisking, whisk in a 'M' shaped fashion, and not in a round circle.

Whisking in a proper manner can help you to ensure that the Matcha particles are incorporated well with water and air, and create that frothy, creamy Matcha mixture.

Tip 3: How to clean a Matcha Whisk

After whisking, wash the Matcha whisk with warm water.

Place the Matcha whisk in a bowl of warm water and whisk until the bamboo whisk is clean. 

Alternatively, try to put it under a stream of tap water until you don't see any more Matcha particles. You don't have to use dishwashing liquid as water can do the job.

Do not place it in a dishwasher as it will damage the bamboo whisk.

Tip 4: How to dry the Matcha Whisk

To air-dry the bamboo whisk, you can lay it on its end such that the tips are in the air.

Try not to dry it on the side as the Matcha whisk may lose its shape. You can also use a whisk holder which can allow the Matcha whisk to dry while retaining its shape.

Do not put it back in the container as the Matcha whisk may have expanded and not able to fit in it anymore. Only keep the Matcha whisk once the Matcha whisk is completely dry to prevent mold from growing.

Hope that these tips help you to prepare, care for and maintain the Matcha whisk! 

Also, you may notice that the bamboo whisk has certain marks or discolouration - this is normal since the whisks are made from natural bamboo.

If you have any questions, you can email us at hello@getcrafti.co or drop us a DM on Instagram - we will be happy to help! :)

Matcha Whisk (100-prong)

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