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Up to 15% sale on Ceremonial 

Matcha & more!

Spring Sale

Up to 15% sale on Ceremonial Matcha & more!

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Why Crafti?

Crafted by Artisans, 

for Your Health.


Tea that tastes good, so you don't add unhealthy junk. 


We support the craft of artisan faming communities in Japan.


We offer great tasting tea made with traditional techniques.

Us vs The Rest



Cheap Stuff

Overpriced Stuff






Sandy, gritty feeling





Made in Japan


Not Bitter

Bitter, tastes like grass


Nope, sits on shelves for ages.

Refrigerated for max freshness.

Depends on storage conditions.

*Applies to Ceremonial Organic Uji Matcha. Certified organic by Japanese Agricultural Standards.

Trusted by Cafes & Baristas

Barista-quality Matcha. For real.

Loved By Our Communiti

Over 1,000 5-star reviews from our customers.

Our Mission

Helping you feel good and live fully through better health, with the power of feel good superfoods.

Our Feel Good Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love our products, we offer a 30-Day Feel Good Guarantee. 

If you're unsatisfied with our products in any way, we’ll give you a refund immediately - no return necessary. 

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30-Day Feel Good Guarantee

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