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Cawan too fragile

It was a great experience for making own matcha however the glass cawan bowl was too fragile, broke easily even low impact slip of hand during washing😭

Hi Fiona,

Thank you so much for your review and for bringing this issue to our attention!

We're glad to hear that enjoy making your own matcha.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with your chawan.

We will contact you privately to discuss this further and see how we can make it right.

Our sincerest apologies for the trouble!

Good Matcha

I really like the quality and texture of the matcha. The set that comes with it, is very useful. I enjoy making my matcha oat milk latte every other day!

Surprisingly good

I was rather skeptical but needed an healthier alternative to cafe matchas & this tea has hit the spot! Delicious with honey & oatmilk.

Great introductory kit to the matcha lifestyle

Great starter kit! With all the tools, visuals and videos needed to start off. Looking forward to the matcha drink each day!


Finally! I can now make my own matcha latte & it tastes so good and look really professional! Great bonding with my teenage kids too! Absolutely love it!!!

Heavenly Matcha

Our family love it! This will be our daily intake and highly recommended to all. Hope the price can be more affordable for long term customer.

My fav green tea as of now

I like this green tea smooth and not bitter.

Awesome Matcha

Beautiful froth and tastes great!

Great starter kit for beginners

The matcha starter kit is a great induction for anyone who is new to the matcha trend but would like to get on the bandwagon. Easy to follow instructions on how to make your own matcha latte at home. The matcha is great on its own or with milk. Highly recommend for beginners like me!

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder

This got to be my favourite matcha powder! Previously a close friend of mine bought me a Crafti starter kit! Inside the box, there was this 30g Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder, I tried it and I liked it very much. It was not bitter and it tasted good so I bought two bottles of 100grams each during the recent 9.9 sale. I hope there will be a big sale on 11.11 so I can stock up more.

Not bad at all

I do like the quality matcha tea, but the chawan aka the beaker broke during wash in the dishwasher. It's not dishwasher friendly, however it's not in the instructions. Also the design of the chawan still cause the tea to spill when i try to pour the matcha into my cup. The accessories are overpriced in my view as in the sieve, spoon, chawan etc..... It's not necessary to purchase these accessories in my view at this price. Quality is average at best.

Hi there! Thank you for your review and for bringing this to our attention.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience you experienced with your new chawan.

In the meantime, we will be contacting you privately to arrange a replacement. Do check your inbox for more details.

The starter set is so pretty!

From the Chawan to Whisk, Sieve and bamboo scoop, the details paid to the kit is impressive! I'm enjoying my daily dose of goodness in this beautifully crafted set 😀

Matcha Starter Kit

I’ve never been much of a matcha fan until I decided to try Crafti’s Matcha Starter Kit. I was hoping for Crafti’s matcha to be an easy-to-make, healthy AND DELICIOUS drink AND THEY DELIVERED! Very happy to be a matcha convert from now on!!

No regrets getting them 😄

Great tasting matcha and beautiful started kit. It's therapeutic to make your own brew too.


This is my third day of making my own matcha and I love how this routine already! It gave me 5 mins of being mindful while making it, finding it therapeutic; and I’m ended up with a delicious and nutritious drink. Win win! Definitely will repurchase once I finish my matcha powder!

Quality Matcha!

Good quality matcha!
Still need some practice to get the whisking and proportion of matcha to milk ratio right for the perfect latte but love that I get to make good lattes as compared to those milky ones out there!

Super yum

Excellent smooth high quality matcha with no bitter taste. It’s now my daily morning health drink, enjoyed with organic cows milk. Just love it. And it’s a fraction of what you pay at cafes (for lousier quality). I recommend the starter kit so you’re properly set up.

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Daily Dose of Energy and Beauty Supplement

This is my 2nd purchase.
I have been on this Matcha eversince I had purchased its trial set earlier this year. Matcha comes with so many perks i.e. antioxidant properties, detoxifying, boost metabolism, immune booster, lowers cholestral etc.
Pus, I really enjoy the taste of it with my favourite milk or soya bean milk.

Pretty nice matcha

Pretty nice matcha and the starter tea set was quite affordable ! Had fun making my own matcha latte at home :)

Love the stater kit!

The starter kit is useful to try out making matcha and with the ease of making it, its my go-to daily drink 😊

Love the matcha taste

As a matcha lover, i loved the idea of DIY my own matcha drink and this matcha starter kit totally made my day. I loved the aroma as well as the matcha after taste which i can include this in my daily routine. Will recommend to my family and friends

Great deal for my daily matcha powder!

Was pleasantly surprise there was a slight offer for the Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder in 30gs. Great time to stock up on my daily fix!

Nice authentic green tea

I am usually not a green tea matcha person because the ones outside are either too sweet or feels fake but this one really surprised me. I ordered another 2 sets to try my friends try and the whisking is really therapeutic too!

Received the Crystal Chawan with uneven shape.

Hi there, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the uneven shape of the Crystal Chawan you received.

We strive to ensure the highest quality in our products and would like to make it right for you.

Our team will reach out to you privately, so that we can investigate the issue further and offer you a suitable solution and assist you with the next steps. hope to hear from you!

Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (100g)
Roseline HOO
Great experience

My purchased was delivered within 2 days of placing the order online. All products received in good condition plus there are plenty of matcha recipes on Craft Tea Fox website to try out. The ceremonial matcha powder is if good quality. I totally enjoyed the experience.