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Matcha Whisk (100-prong)

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A handcrafted 100-prong bamboo whisk - perfect if you like your Matcha or Hojicha thick and frothy.

On the number of prongs:

  • The more prongs in your whisk, the more froth you get.
  • A 100-prong whisk is the ideal choice for making a casual, frothy cup of Matcha or Hojicha.

How to use a bamboo whisk:

Check out our guide on how to use a bamboo whisk.

How to use:

  • Whisk in an "M" shape and watch the bubbles form!
  • Works wonderfully with Craft Tea Fox Uji Matcha or Uji Hojicha.
  • Low-quality Matcha and Hojicha will not provide the same frothiness.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Emma S.
Firsttime matcha making

Love waking up to this glass matcha bowl. It works very well and has sufficient space for the whisk to move from side to side to suspend the matcha. It is very relaxing.

Trustin N.

My wife loves tea and she simply enjoy the richness flavour of the matcha!

Zi H.C.
works great

I love this whisk. It does not leave any bamboo splinters in your drink. It makes a difference when I use it to whisk the tea.

Excellent whisk

The whisk works as expected. Makes a very smooth matcha.

Gavin O.
100 prong matcha whisk

This matcha whisk plays an important part in a delightful way to start up each morning with a cup of ceremonial uji matcha. This manual whisking makes the frothy even more pleasing to the taste buds. It works and it's fun too.

Jasper P.
First Matcha Whisk

Effective at creating frothy matcha and hojicha. Definitely recommend if you wish to brew matcha or hojicha.

Anutadha G.
Aromatic matcha

The matcha not only tastes good but also froths well with the bamboo whisk.

Myya T.
Review on Matcha Whisk

I really liked using the match whisk , fuss free & the delivery was really quick too!! Can't wait to order a good quality matcha powder from you guys

Danica C.
Really cool to use!

Having the bamboo matcha whisk was my first time having it and it was really easy to use, I've made myself some hojicha and matcha with it and the service staff was really nice with attending to my question regarding the bloomed whisk. 100% would recommend!

Happy with my purchase!

First time making my own iced matcha latte at home. Really happy with the 100-pronged whisk and glass bowl, and even happier with the uji matcha powder. Bye coffee, hello matcha!