Matcha Workshops

Slots: 19-24 Dec 2023

Deeply explore traditional Matcha preparation, and its role in stress and wellbeing through 40-minute workshops.

Please note that workshops require advance bookings and a fee of $10 per participant.

Reservations are required due to limited availability.

Slots will be released to waitlist in order, starting on 27 Nov.

Workshop Content

Each 40-minute workshop will cover the following:

Matcha Tasting and Appreciation

Learn to appreciate the differences in taste, texture and more, among different Matcha grades. 

Craft of Matcha Preparation

Learn to prepare Matcha using traditional tea tools, and learn basic Matcha whisking technique.

Daily Matcha Routine

Craft your daily Matcha routine. Discover how this routine can anchor your day for stress-relief and enhance focus and relaxation. 

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