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A natural skin superfood that actually tastes good.

The Japanese secret to glowing, mochi skin. 

Matcha isn't just a delicious drink. It’s a powerful beauty secret. 

Matcha is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that nourish your skin from within.

That’s why the Japanese are known for glowing skin. They go beyond skincare - by nourishing skin from within.

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How Matcha Supports Skin

Matcha contains large amounts of green tea catechins, EGCG and EGC.

Scientifically-proven benefits of Matcha include: 

Slows Aging

Inhibits DNA damage by harmful UV rays, slowing down photoaging of skin.[1][2][3]

Reduce Wrinkles

Increases collagen and elastin content in skin, for an anti-wrinkle effect.[4][5]

Improve Radiance

Boosts skin cell renewal, giving skin a radiant, dewy glow.[6]

Stress Reduction

Reduces stress, guarding against stress-induced conditions like wrinkles. [7]


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