5 Ways To Stay Productive

Crush Your Goals With These Productivity Tips

How to crush your goals this year

Create Momentum, Avoid Distraction

Grabbing your phone first thing in the morning can cause your brain to be in a passive reactive state.

Start your mornings with simple active routines like making your bed, stretching or meditating. 

Learn to Prioritise

Do you have a long to-do list?

Look through and pick out 3 main tasks to get done first.

This helps you stay focused and remain in your flow state.

Take Breaks

Surprise! Did you expect this?

Research shows that taking more breaks actually keeps us more productive.

Taking breaks of even 5 minutes can increase your focus and efficiency!

The Pomodoro Technique recommends taking 5-minute breaks for every 25 minutes of focused work.

Replace Morning Coffees

That coffee might be making you less productive.

Coffee has a nasty side effect... you'll feel sleepy after just 3 hours.

That's why we like Matcha! 

Matcha releases caffeine slowly, helping you stay awake and focused longer

Try replacing your morning coffee with Matcha and see how you feel! 

Want to find out why Matcha beats Coffee? Click here

Use Productivity Apps

Are you distracted by your phone?

Try using productivity apps! They help keep distractions away.

Here's some we love using: Forest, Study Bunny. 

They'll help make sure you don't access your phone when you're supposed to be working.

Want to make Matcha part of your routine?

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