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Ceremonial Uji Matcha Powder (30g)

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Seriously good Matcha. For seriously good drinks.


The Matcha we now use in our Matcha Lattes (with over 500 5-star reviews).

Perfect if you occasionally drink Matcha on its own, and also make Matcha Lattes.

  • Silky smooth.
  • Almost zero bitterness.
  • 100% organically grown with JAS-certification.
  • Delivered in Singapore. 


    • Make-Your-Own-Latte Recipe - Matcha Latte recipe provided on tea tin
    • Sugar-Free - you decide your sugar level
    • Silky-Smooth - particle size under 10 microns, for silky-smooth lattes
    • Plastic-Free - go green with environmentally-conscious packaging

    Tasting Notes:

    Sweet, full-bodied umami with near-zero bitterness.

    Usage Instructions:

    Best enjoyed either on its own, or in a Matcha Latte.

    If drinking it on its own, preparing it as a 'thin tea' (usucha) is recommended. Add 2-3g of Ceremonial Uji Matcha to 70ml of water, and whisk.


    100% organic Uji Matcha powder.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Serene S.
    Made myself an Iced Matcha Latte

    Never thought I could make a Matcha latte in such a breeze. Simply followed the instructions given and got a quick "teleport" to Kyoto, a place I've missed dearly... Will be trying other recipes with fruits. Be creative!


    My first time trying matcha and buying without any research. Glad I randomly decided on the ceremonial grade as I subsequently found out that it is meant for drinking on its own. Well-balanced and not bitter (water temperature is also important), which is a great choice for beginners if you want to be pleasantly introduced to matcha.

    Alison W.
    Best matcha ever

    I am a true convert. The best matcha I have tasted. I will buy no other matcha except from craft tea fox. The taste is impeccable.

    smooth texture

    Got the barista set earlier this month and decided to try the ceremonial grade matcha because I enjoyed it so much.

    It did not disappoint: you can really taste the difference in the two grades, even though the barista one was already quite good. This matcha frothed really easily and the texture feels so smooth. Really love it!!!

    My cup of tea

    I received the ceremonial matcha on the second day after I ordered. I used the powder immediately (smells so good!) to make matcha lattes for my family. The process of creating the lattes was smooth and very satisfying. Most importantly, my whole family enjoyed the lattes and asked for seconds! Even my granny who never tasted matcha ever loves it.

    Xin Y.
    High quality matcha

    Always wanted to purchase matcha here but am always skeptical about the quality of the matcha powder that is available over the counter.

    However based on the many good reviews, I decided to take the bullet and try the matcha powder from craft tea fox.

    The taste is really amazing and I will definitely continue to purchase from craft tea fox to satisfy my matcha cravings!

    Ling Y.
    Aromatic and delicious!

    I tried pure matcha tea for first time in Kyoto and I started to really like it. Tried out CTF ceremonial matcha today and it reminded me of the one I had in Kyoto. It smelled as aromatic and I like how it is not powdery at all and has no bitter aftertaste.

    Chris L.
    Ceremonial - not bitter! Nice plain or w milk!

    Had much hesitation to try Matcha, didnt like it unless w milk. But I was wrong - this one is good! Doesnt make my tongue feel like a carpet, no nasty bitterness - but a pleasant fragrance!

    Sharifah K.
    High quality product

    First time purchasing the brand and am impressed with the quality of the tea - very green and fresh and packaging is also of good material. Will repurchase!

    Lisa K.
    Smooth and fragrant

    Love the smoothness of the matcha and hojicha. The taste gave me memories of drinking delicious matcha in Japan a few years ago. It is awesome that I can adjust the amount of sugar in the drink. Going to order again!