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Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set

Kyoto Mornings: Matcha Station Gift Set

$109.90 $119.90

Set up a Matcha station at home, in 10 minutes. 

Makes ~45 lattes.

Best Before: Aug 2024 onwards.

Free Engraving: Ends 8 Dec

Over $120 of value in 1 kit.

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Cafe Quality Matcha, at Home

Barista-quality (or better), for a fraction of the price.

Create over 10 Different Drinks

Make any type of drink you fancy, ranging from lattes to cold brews.

Share with Friends and Family

Impress your guests with a home cafe experience, and cafe-quality brews.

Better Tasting Matcha

This isn't just any ordinary Matcha. It's a silky smooth, fragrant umami bomb, air-flown from Uji, Kyoto.

Real Reviews from Real People

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Yong
Kyoto Morning Set

The tea set is lovely. Making and drinking matcha makes me feel calm. I have a pretty tea set corner in my kitchen now and it makes me happy when I look at it. My friends and family whom I gifted to love it too!

Jenny Loi
good alternative to cafe standard lattes

ordered this with the objective to diy matcha lattes at home. whisk was beautifully engraved. the set comes with clear instructions on how to bloom the whish before first use, maintenance of whisk and also the recipe to a good cup of matcha latte.

matcha powder is of good flavour and minimal bitterness.

can now enjoy a good cup of matcha latte at home! :)

Love my tea from Crafti

Bought two sets of Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set from Crafti Singapore. It was kinda of theraputic to take it at anytime of the day. My daughter loves the Houjicha while i love Matcha. With or without Oatmilk, it tasted so wonderfully smooth and refreshing. I am going to continue to get my Matcha from Crafti.

Wei Wei
Delivery made it in time for Mid-Autumn Gift!!

Loooovvvve the Match set that I had, so had to order one for a dear co-worker.
Very prompt. Service by the team, ensuring recipient can enjoy the beautiful tea set while admiring the beautiful moonlight.
Thank you Crafti, and keep up the good work!

Tina Sasongko

Kyoto Mornings Whisk Set

Kyoto mornings whisk set

I bought this as a gift to my friend who love matcha as much as I do. The hojicha was equally good and highly recommend this set for matcha lovers!

Cheryl Ho
Fun Experience!

Bought this set for my partner during Father’s Day and he drank 2 cups at one go! I love the Hojicha! This set doesn’t come with sieve and whisk stand so end up I made another purchase :)

Yuki Kristen

I love x100000 the Matcha and hojicha so much ! Im a fan of both and my husband love your Hojicha so much,he keep askin me to prepare one each time before he's back home from work. Will be back for more.

Adrian Lim Lok Kuan
A really good gift

Quality of item in terms of taste and aesthetic makes this a really good gift!

Glass bowl spout is badly designed

No matter how carefully I pour, there will always be spills. The spout isn’t well designed. Just buy the matcha and get your bowl, whisk and accessories elsewhere. The screw top container with a sealed pack inside also isn’t well designed as it’s easy to spill powder, better to have standing pouches that are resealable.

Hi JY,

Thank you so much for your review and for taking the time to share with us your feedback with regards to our powder packaging!

We are very sorry to hear about the condition of your newly received chawan.

This is definitely not ideal and we will be contacting you privately to understand the issue further.

Rest assured that we would be happy to provide a replacement of the chawan if necessary.

Thank you for your understanding. We will be contacting you privately for more information - hope to hear from you!

What You'll Get


Ceremonial Uji Matcha

30 servings (30g)


Barista Uji Hojicha

30 servings (30g)


Matcha Whisk


Matcha Scoop


Double-Walled Matcha Bowl


Name Engraving

Free with $150 min purchase


Guided Tutorials


60 Day Money Back Guarantee


After Sales Support


Total Value


You Pay


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Crafti Matcha and Hojicha from?

Crafti Matcha and Hojicha are from Japan. They are grown, harvested and processed in both Uji and Kyoto.

We work with an eminent Matcha & Hojicha grower in Uji with over 150 years of experience.

How many servings of Matcha and Hojicha can I make?

For drinking Matcha on its own, we recommend about 1 gram per serving, so you'll get 30 servings with the kit.

For Matcha and Hojicha Lattes, we recommend at least 2 grams per latte, so you'll get about 15 servings per kit.


Quantities may vary based on your preferred ratio of Matcha or Hojicha to milk.

When will my order be delivered?

Delivery within Singapore usually takes between 2-4 working days.

Delivery outside of SIngapore usually takes between 3-12 working days.

When will the Matcha and Hojicha expire?

The Matcha and Hojicha will have a shelf life of at least 6-12 months.

Is the Matcha Organic?

The Ceremonial Uji Matcha is certified organic by JAS. The Barista Uji Hojicha is not organic.

Kyoto Mornings

Your Personalised Matcha Station.

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